CrazyF***'s THEATER

Giantesses are lovely, unless you end under their high heels.

TOP 10 worse things do during a GTS outbreak:

1) Hiding in a subway

This is a common mistake. Subways are the first thing that a giantess destroys without knowing. In the same way, do not hide yourself in a building. Bigger the structure, bigger the challenge for the willing giantess. Giantesses do not tolerate anything taller or stronger than them, so, normally, they grow more to compensate it.

2) Staring a giantess over the window

Just don't stay there. Even if she is benevolent, the giantess can find you the cutest thing in the whole world and will crush you between her breasts or even swallow you whole. Obs: if she starts a strip-tease for you, is better to stay there, or she will get upset and will destroy the entire building.

3) Staying in the city while your ex is turning into a giantess

If the giantess is your ex-girlfriend, do-not-stay-in-the-city. If is impossible to escape due to her rampage, tell her how you still love her and try to remember good moments. But you have only one shot; giantesses are known for being short-fused.

4) Trying to be friend of a giantess.

Don't think that the giantess will sympathize with you. In the giantess view, we, normal sized people, are disposable toys that break easily and she's a goddess of life and death. Of course she has feelings, probably despising.

5) Looking up there.

If the giantess is naked, avoid looking at her ****, it can precipitate a sequence of stomping that will kill everyone around.

6) Being in a bus.

Giantesses tend to find something proportional to theirů theirů well, arousal. If the bus is crowded, it will just provoke her even more. The same for trains; take a plane in the first sign of a woman growing into a giantess.

7) Hiding the growth serum

If you have a growth serum, get rid of it, throw it in the toilet, Giantesses have a super perception to find anything they are looking for, even if they don't know its existence If caught, lie, the only problem is the giantess always knows when someone is lying.

8) Ordering a military attack

If you are president of United States, do everything that the giantess asks. No weapon can harm a giantess, and normally she counter-strikes with much more violence. Don't use nukes at any possible circumstance, any kind of radiation makes a giantess grow even more.

9) Creating another giantess to stop the other one

Is very common to any nice girl wanting to make the world hers as she becomes a giantess. She can be a nun, a nurse, madre thereza; in the moment she perceives how hot she is, and how much power she have, she will not want to come back as a mere mortal. She can annihilate the other evil giantesses, but once she made it, we are under her new rules; even if she is not senseless violent as the others, she's probably much more stronger and powerful.

10) Thinking that you are safe because you are a Good Guy

Being a good guy can work on a zombie outbreak, being nice towards others can make you miraculously escape from death there. Not here, on a giantess situation, `that asshole' and the `good guy' have the same chance of survival. Unless, of course, if the giantess is your sweet girlfriend. But you cannot say this if she is your wife or sister

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